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This is where you’ll find the low-down on each and every one of my books.  From new releases, to contests, promotions, events…well, you get the drift, I’m sure!

So go on, get comfy, curl up on that couch or that favorite chair of yours with a great cup-a-Joe or a good old glass of wine and unwind.


About Carey Decevito


Born and raised in small town Northern Ontario, Canada, Carey Decevito has had a penchant for reading and writing for as long as she can remember.

As an adult however, more than a decade had come to pass before sleepless nights plagued her with exhaustion, demanding that she put pen to paper (more like fingers to keyboard) and start writing again.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

A writer of erotic romance, this lover of food will throw in a bit of heat, a dash of sass, a pinch of comedy and a dollop of real-life experience in order to provide her readers with a story that will mess with their emotions from start to finish.

Family and friends are her lifeblood but Carey also enjoys conquering the outdoors, sports, travelling and playing tourist in Canada’s National Capital region.  When life gets crazy, she seeks respite through her writing and submersing herself in the latest addition to her library.  If all else fails, she knows there’s never a dull moment with her prolific story-teller of a five-year-old daughter, her goofy husband and their cat who she swears is out to get her.

Come and find Carey!

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Where You Might Have Seen Me…

This author was featured on bargainbooksy.com  





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